Backyard Discovery Saratoga Swing Set

Saratoga Swing Set

backyard discovery saratoga swing set

Learn why Backyard Discovery's Saratoga Swing Set is Considered to be the "Decked Out Fort "!


Every Swing Set is made with different features that make them a unique place of outdoor play. Backyard Discovery certainly had the idea of an ultimate fort when designing the Saratoga Swing Set. This article will touch on some important things to know about the Saratoga Swing Set such as features, safety, assembly and how to get the best deal!

Why is the Saratoga Swing Set the Ultimate Fort? Here are some reasons why this playground can be a castle with a little imagination!


The Saratoga Swing Set takes the a different approach, in fact, an upside down approach to playground design. There is a covered clubhouse on the bottom with wood door to completely seal the room. This is great as the "main room" of the fort. A covered porch and seating area is also on the bottom for snack time, drawing or plenty of other creative things. On the top is a covered upper deck... perfect to get a good view and keep a look out.


There are 3 access point to the top upper deck. A ladder, a slide and the more daring monkey bars! 4 children can swing away on the swing beam and plenty more can be entertained with the monkey bars, slide, porch and deck.


There will be tons of fun, exercise and entertainment for hours and hours. Now that recess is being minimized in school providing a place for your child to play is more more and important. The Saratoga is one of many Backyard Discovery Swing Sets that parents are turning to. They are affordable, fun and built by a trusted brand. All of these things are very important to parents wanting to provide a safe and nuturing place of play.


Have an Idea of where you want to put your playground? Read this before making your final decision.


Playground Supervision: One of the most important things to consider when trying to place your swing set is whether or not the area is convenient to watch. Many people forget that being able to see their children at play can be the best way to ensure their safety.


Your Playground May Need More Space Than You Think : Your playground needs a 6 ft. perimeter around and above the structure. No other structures such as fencing, electrical wires, trees, swimming pools should be within this safety perimeter.


Playground Surfacing : Your playground will need to be on a flat surface. This is very important, if the surface is not flat then the swing set will not rest properly on the ground. The swing set should also not be placed on concrete, asphalt or any other similarly hard surface. If you are using a shock absorbing playground surfacing (highly recommended) such as mulch, sand or wood chips then these materials should be added only after the Saratoga Swing set has been full assembled. Never install a swing set over these materials as the playground be put off balance.


Playground Safety 101: Read your owners manual. It is more than just the assembly instructions. Backyard Discovery has addes some great safety guidelines and other important details such as maintenance and a consumer FAQ page.


Assembling the Backyard Discovery Swing Set: What will it take?


I have heard of some creative things people do to make this process easier. Some people make a day out of it by cooking out and inviting some friends over to help. If you have some friends who your know will be having their children over to play, invite them over. You know their kids will be excited to see it set up!


If you feel completely uncomfortable, or you simply dont have the time, you can always hire a local handy man to do the trick. Don't Worry. If it is just you and a friend the assembly should still only take a day.


Check out what it will take to tackle this swing set for yourself!


Download The Saratoga Swing Set Instruction Manual



After reading this article you probably know if the Saratoga Swing Set is right for you. The only thing left is to find it at the best price.


Because Backyard Discovery is such as popular brand you may be tempted to make a purchased from a big box store such as Walmart or Toys R' Us. They may seem like a great deal, but wait until you add tax and shipping to see the actual price. The best price currently online is The price you see is the price you get. There is no shipping or tax. Another great thing about is their 24 hour 7 days a week customer service. There is always a real person that can take your call. No machines!


The Internet changes quick and competition between online retailers fierce. This is why is willing to price match. Your business is very important. simply show a lower price online (tax and shipping included) and they will match it.